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Computer Cleaning

Our professional, fully trained and qualified technicians are able to thoroughly clean every piece of equipment in the office, including PC Units, both externally and internally, Monitors, Keyboards, Mouse, Telephones, Printers, Scanners, Fax Machines etc.

This is done using the latest techniques and specialist equipment designed to improve the hygiene, reliability and safety of equipment, and of course only using approved computer cleaning products specific to Information Technology.

Main Unit

Firstly we will use our special anti-static vac to remove all the dust and debris from the motherboard, processor, fans and the other internal surfaces. Finally we clean and sanitise the external surfaces of the main unit using an antibacterial cleansing agent.

Computer VDU

We clean all types of monitors. The VDU housing is cleaned and sanitised using an aqueous based antibacterial agent. Glass monitors are cleaned with a glass cleanser, leaving a smear free screen. If required an antistatic coating can be applied.


Starting with the removal of dust and fluff from underneath the keys by either mechanical method using an air-dust and vac system or manual brushing to remove all of the debris under the keys. Finally the keys, surround, side front and rear surfaces will be cleaned using an antibacterial cleansing agent.


The external surfaces of the mouse is cleaned using an antibacterial agent, if your mouse has got internal balls, rollers or optical sensors we will remove the build up of dust and debris to ensure smooth operation.

Please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss any questions or queries that you may have regarding our services, or to arrange a suitable time for us to come and visit you to give you a free, no obligation demonstration.

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