Disinfection liverpool

Disinfection liverpool

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Professional Disinfecting Service With Spray And Fogging Against COVID-19

The worldwide Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has people scrambling to protect themselves, their homes and businesses from potential contamination. The effects of this type of biohazard situation can last up to a week and the continued spread of the disease has led to a growing number of fatalities in the world. Cleaningmaster can providing special deep cleaning services  along with disinfection service process to kill the germs on the surfaces.

If your property has been visited by a person with confirmed COVID-19, then we recommend decontamination through fogging.

The technician fills the tank of a fogging machine with a disinfecting solution which is dispersed into the air in the form of microscopic droplets. This way, all surfaces within the space, even the most secluded areas, are evenly disinfected. This specialist disinfection service is used for office and facility disinfection. However, the method is suitable for residential properties, too.

COVID-19 can land on any surface through coughing, sneezing, or touch, and remain there for up to 72 hours. That is why we offer Antiviral Sanitisation cleaning for vehicles as well. You can have any vehicle professionally sanitized to help slow down the spread of the coronavirus. Here’s how we do it:
The technician carefully vacuum cleans all reachable interior surfaces of the vehicle.
All interior surfaces (including the seats, mats, dashboard, etc.) are sprayed with detergent to ensure all germs are eradicated.
The exterior side of the door handles and the vehicle’s trunk handle are sprayed as well.
There is no need to have the surfaces rinsed as the detergent used is non-toxic and completely safe.
The treatment of a single vehicle takes up to 30 minutes.

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